Can I change my Membership level?

Some users need to try the product before they buy it. We respect their wishes and offer different types of Subscriptions:

  • Monthly;
  • Annual;
  • Lifetime;
  • Business.

We are really happy that there are many users who, having tried using ValeVPN for a short period of time, make a decision to change their subscription from Monthly to Annual, from Annual to Lifetime or from Lifetime to Business. It motivates us a lot. 

To change the type of your subscription:

  1. Write us a ticket here.
  2. State in the ticket the type of your current subscription and the one you want to upgrade to.
  3. If you currently have a prepaid account, then send us your PayPal email. We will request the difference in price, ensuring your previous account balance is saved – and saving your money!
  4. As soon as you approve the payment we will upgrade your account and email you.

We want to ensure you love ValeVPN. So our aim is to create the most secure, easy-to-use product with the quick, high-quality service!