Cannot access a site? How does ValeVPN help you connect to sites, and why are they sometimes blocked?

We assure you that ValeVPN works and protects your transmit data. Here are a couple of reasons why you cannot access certain content with a VPN:

  • The site can block connections from VPN servers;
  • The site you’re visiting has outdated security certificates, which a ValeVPN may interpret as being malicious.

To resolve this problem you don’t need to disable ValeVPN as it is important to stay secure.

We suggest taking these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Switch locations.
  2. Try both shared and dedicated connections.
  3. Restart your device. 
  4. Clear your browser cache. 
  5. Switch to a different browser.
  6. Use an incognito browser window

These steps usually help to fix the problem. If they don’t, please, contact our Support Team.  We are always happy to help!