Creating a Dedicated Server: Why does it take more time than connecting to a shared one

A dedicated server is a physical server dedicated to a single user, meaning that the user has exclusive access to the resources of the server. Dedicated servers are often used to host websites, applications, or other services that require reliable and secure access to resources.

Dedicated servers provide users with more control and customization than shared hosting plans. 

Creating dedicated instance

Requesting the Server 

The first step in creating a dedicated server is to make a request to the cloud provider. This is done in the backend directly on a secure link to the cloud providers systems.  

Creating the Server 

Once the request has been made, the cloud provider will create the server using a secure image. This typically involves setting up the hardware allocation (drive & processors), and copying the image to the drive.

Launching the Server 

Once the server is created, it must be launched. This is the ‘boot’ phase of the system.   This sets up the server’s connection to the internet and ensures that it is accessible from the user’s location.  This is also when all the security updates are performed BEFORE the user connects.

 Encrypting the Server 

Once the server is launched, the next step is to encrypt everything. This involves setting up encryption protocols to protect the user’s data and ensure that only the user is able to access their server.   This is also the phase where the single-use encryption keys are created that allow the user to securely connect to the server.

Connecting to the Server

Once the server is encrypted, the user can connect to it.   This is where the key is passed to the user and the application makes the secure connection to the server.  

The whole process takes as little as 20 seconds and as much as 2-3 minutes (this is due to the cloud providers – we’ve found that Amazon is the fastest, and Google is the slowest). If it takes longer, please address our support team to fix the problem. 

ValeVPN offers its users the ability to create their own dedicated server. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and allow users to create and launch their own dedicated server quickly and easily. Our dedicated servers are also highly secure, with multiple layers of encryption to ensure that your data is safe from unauthorised access.