Dedicated connection doesn’t work?

ValeVPN is an exciting new VPN service that was created to help users all over the world with their security while chatting, working, streaming, and anything else they might do online. 

Our users can use three types of connections: shared, dedicated or file. 

However, sometimes our users experience problems while using dedicated connections. These can come from the operating system or device, the network being used, the internet path being used, and more.   Here are some common problems and how to solve them! 

We work continuously to identify and solve all the problems, but to make sure our users can successfully use our application we suggest they take a few steps: 

If you’re having any problems with your dedicated server we suggest you try the following:

  • If you’re streaming or connecting to a particular service:
    • always try launching a new DEDICATED server as close to the providers as possible;
    • try a few different times with different dedicated servers.    

The reason this helps is that providers, firewalls, and internet providers are constantly blocking and updating their lists – so sometimes a dedicated server IP is already in a list.  Launching a new one starts a new server and a fresh IP. 

The ValeVPN team is doing our best to improve our service. So, in case of any other problems feel free to ask for help. We value you as part of our team, so please come and help us to make ValeVPN amazing!