Does ValeVPN keep logs?

When it comes to VPNs, a no-log policy is essential for protecting your online privacy. Logs are a record of your online activity and can be used by third parties to track your movements and activities. 

ValeVPN prides itself on our strict no-log policy which ensures that we never log or store any of your online activities. This means that whatever you do online is kept private and secure. 

We do keep records of authentications to our system (kind of have to do that at a minimum for quality of service) and those are only the IP & timestamp stuff. All of this is covered in our privacy policy: 

The only logs are from the front end – incoming requests for signing in/etc. Those logs are only have incoming IP addresses – nothing else. These are for troubleshooting tech support issues (I can’t log in, etc).

 We don’t record logs on the servers themselves – when you request to connect to your dedicated server or shared server(s), you are directly connected to a new/fresh server, and then when you disconnect it is fully deleted. So whatever you do on your server is private. 

The most any inquiring agency could get would be a “Did this IP address connect to your front end?” Which is virtually impossible for any provider to avoid – and if they claim they can, they’re lying. 

At ValeVPN, we take your privacy seriously and strive to provide the highest level of security and privacy on our platform. We understand that you have a right to privacy and that is why we have a strict no-log policy in place. 

So, if you’re looking for a VPN that respects your privacy and keeps your data safe, look no further than ValeVPN.