Error: Can’t sign in and how to fix it

In this article we will tell how to handle an error “Can’t sign in” that can occur when the daemon doesn’t obey a socket because it is occupied by someone else. 

In this case we suggest you follow simple instructions on how to troubleshoot this issue and get your daemon back up and running quickly. 

  1. Delete all app data from your Mac. You can use AppCleaner for instance.

2. Open dmg and put ValeVPN to the Applications folder. 

3. Start ValeVPN application.

4. Then give permission to make changes for osascript.

5. If the application doesn’t start, restart the Mac and start the application again.

6. Users can check if the application works correctly in Activity Monitor. Vale Vpn Daemon should be there.  

If you followed the instructions but continue getting the same error, please, contact our Support Team.