How can you use a free ValeVPN account!

Using a free ValeVPN account can be a great way to protect your online security and privacy. 

 To use a free ValeVPN account, you will need to have your own VPS setup in your own cloud or home. This feature is for power users that manage their own technology. 

Once you have set up your VPS, you can then create an OWPN file and upload it to the ValeVPN server. You can then open the OVPN file in the VPN client and use your own private connection KEY to connect to the VPN. 

Once you have connected to the VPN, you will be able to browse the internet securely and anonymously. All of your data and activity will be encrypted and your true IP address will be hidden. This will help to protect your online security and privacy.

 Using a free ValeVPN account is a great way to stay safe and secure online. With your own private connection key, you can access the VPN connection without having to pay for a subscription.