How often is a shared server renewed?

For VPN users, server renewal is an important process that can help ensure your data remains secure and your online experience remains seamless.

ValeVPN rolls up approximately 100 users per Shared server and then starts a new one. As the previous one tapers off with the last user, the server is deleted in order to maintain top performance. 

This process of server renewal helps keep your data secure by ensuring that your data is never exposed to the public domain. Additionally, it prevents your data getting leaked because of the server becoming outdated or unpatched, as the new server is always up to date with the latest security patches! 

Another benefit of server renewal is that it helps to improve the performance of ValeVPN. As the server is always up to date, it can handle more requests and provide a smoother experience for the user. It also ensures that ValeVPN does not become overloaded with requests and can keep up with the ever-changing demands of the internet.   So no Shared server becomes too ‘stale’ and doesn’t have long-running processes that could be hacked.

Finally, server renewal is an important process that helps ensure that ValeVPN is always running efficiently and securely. By regularly refreshing the server, your data is kept secure, and you can enjoy a better online experience.