How to get around Netflix’s recent password-sharing policy?
Netflix has recently implemented a new policy to prevent password sharing among its users. This policy requires users to sign in with their individual accounts, rather than sharing a single account with multiple people. While this policy is intended to protect the service from abuse, it can negatively affect users who travel and use a VPN to access Netflix content from a different country. For ValeVPN users who are travelling and wish to continue to watch their favourite films, there are a few options. 

Using ValeVPN to access Netflix is not only more secure than password sharing, but it also allows multiple people to access the streaming service from the same location. The idea here is that we have a single ValeVPN account that multiple people can use from a single location and consider that their home location. If everyone connects to the same ValeVPN account, then everyone can stream Netflix without any issues. 

Using ValeVPN is the best way to get around the new Netflix policy. It’s simple and secure, and it allows you to access any Netflix library from anywhere in the world. So if you’re looking to watch Netflix with friends and family, ValeVPN is the way to go.