How to get started

ValeVPN offers users a very powerful VPN service.  But if you’re new to ValeVPN, you might feel a little confused on how to best use it. So we are happy to help!  We will answer the most common questions and explain how to get started, so you get the most out of our amazing service…

For our Kickstarter Supporters: 

First things first: you have to create a free account on our site.

Once you have an account, you’ll need to message us on Kickstarter and provide the email address you used for registration, so that we can upgrade your account.

Once your account is upgraded, you’ll be able to log in and get full access to shared and dedicated servers.

How to best use ValeVPN

Now, it’s time to choose your ValeVPN connection type and location. 

Head to the “Connection” tab and select the type of connection and location that best suits your needs. You can read about the difference between them here.

Regions:  Whatever your activity is, we suggest you select a region as close to the end servers as possible.   This means, if you are trying to stream shows in Europe, then choose datacenters in the EU.  Etc.  This helps get the best results. 

Server Types:

Dedicated servers are for when you want to do something that is time sensitive.  For example:  Streaming services, games, and watching shows/movies.   You’ll get the fastest and freshest IPs and systems for these. 

Shared Servers are for the times you want general security for longer periods of time.  For instance, hanging out at the coffee shop, or downloading big files over bittorrent.

Getting blocked? 

This happens.  We use a huge pool of IP’s from the clouds.  We suggest launching multiple different dedicated servers until it works, or shifting regions.  Most of the time you’ll pop through the blocks.   Some services have gone ‘nuclear’ and are blocking ALL cloud IP addresses – but we’re working on a solution for you… 
Finally, click “Launch” to connect to our ValeVPN server. Congratulations! You’ve now successfully set up and used your ValeVPN account!