How to make sure ValeVPN is working

To ensure ValeVPN is working correctly, it is important to check the connection status. The connection status is “Connected” means that you are successfully connected to the server and ValeVPN functions properly. The timer in the application will show the time you have been connected to the current server. The map will also show the location of the server you are connected to. Different platforms (Android, IOS, Desktop) have different ways to verify you are securely connected.


In addition, you can check if your public IP has been changed. To do so, you can use websites such as to see your IP address. 

For iOS devices: On your iOS device you will see a “VPN” sign on the upper toolbar when you pull it down.  If it isn’t there, then you aren’t securely connected! 

For Android devices: On your Android devices you will see a “Lock” sign on the upper toolbar.   This will show you are securely connected to a VPN.  If you don’t see the lock you may not be connected! 

For MacOS users:  You will see a ValeVPN logo in the taskbar or tray:. 

If any of these checks fail, it is possible that ValeVPN is not working properly. 

You should disconnect from the current server and try connecting to another one. If that does not help, contact our Support Team.