When do I need Business Membership?

Business should be also protected! For our users who own business or have special needs for multiple accounts, we offer a Business level of Membership.

A Business Membership allows you to create multiple (3+) accounts at a reasonable price. Each account allows you to connect 5 different devices simultaneously. So, with Business Membership you will be able to protect data on 25 devices in total.

We suggest business owners get this if:

  • You have remote workers
  • You are ‘in the field’ such as plumbers, electricians, and tradesmen.  
  • Own your own business:
  • You take credit cards from your customers. 
  • Want to protect all members of your business or family at a fair price.

If you are an existing member and want to become a Business Member, please:

  1. Write us a message here.
  2. State in the ticket the type of your current subscription and the one you want to get is Business Member.
  3. If you currently have a prepaid account, then send us your PayPal email. We will request the difference in price, ensuring your previous account balance is saved – and saving your money!
  4. As soon as you approve the payment we will upgrade your account and inform you about this.

If you are a new member, simply visit our website and register for a business membership today! 

Choose ValeVPN, be secure and save money!