Why do you need a VPN for Android TV?

Android TV is an advanced form of television that runs on the Android operating system, providing viewers with access to a wide range of streaming apps. It is a great option for those who love to watch their favorite shows on the big screen. 

However, if you travel abroad, you may be unable to watch your favorite movies and shows online due to geoblocking, which is when streaming services restrict content based on your IP address. With a VPN, however, you can change your public-facing IP address to access your favorite content wherever you travel.

 A VPN is also helpful for those living in authoritarian states, as IP addresses can be used to restrict the internet content available to citizens. A good VPN can help users bypass censorship and access the truth. 

In addition, streaming can take up a lot of data, so ISPs may throttle your connection if they see you streaming. By encrypting your internet traffic, a VPN hides what you’re doing from your ISP, making it less likely to slow down your connection. 

Finally, a VPN can help keep your streaming private. Your ISP or mobile network can track your online activity, but if you stream with a VPN, they won’t be able to track your online activity.

These are the main reasons why you actually need to use a VPN for Android TV.