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From: $99.00 every 99 years

This limited time offer is no longer available.  We’d like to thank the supporters who have joined our team for early access, and look forward to the journey ahead!


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For a limited time we are offering our initial supporters an opportunity to buy a Lifetime Membership plan. This Lifetime Membership plan gives you access to all our services: fully Dedicated Cloud Instances, Shared Cloud Instances, Proxy Servers, or you can simply use your own OVPN server. We are only offering a limited number of these memberships on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We are offering this deal post-Kickstarter because our founding Lifetime Members asked for it.

For three major reasons:

To raise growth capital. We are looking to grow the service into a fully containerized, highly secure service, and we need seed capital to do this. We would rather offer the services to a small number of core supporters and reward them for their support than go to capital predators.


To improve the product. When you become a lifetime member we will lean on you to help us improve our product. This means finding and reporting bugs, suggesting improvements and features, and growing with us as a company. As a lifetime member we consider you part of our team.


Reward our customers.  We know we can’t do this without our customers, so we want to give something of value to the first people that believe in our company and our product. We felt the best way to do this was to follow the example that other companies did for us (we’re looking at you DYNDNS!).

Your account will never expire. As long as we are an operating company, you will have an account with us in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


We will never ask for money. With your single Lifetime Membership payment we will give you access to our infrastructure and services (including new services as they come available).

There’s always a catch.

You’re basically a beta tester. We are looking for people to test our applications and services and provide feedback. So with this access comes great responsibility to provide us with feedback and direction!


There are limits. As time goes on we may need to throttle some services back (it’s not fair if you transfer a million terabytes every month for life, is it?). So you’ll still great access to all our services, but not totally unlimited access.



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Single Membership $99, Business Membership $249, Enterprise Membership $999